Market Promotions Limited

Covid-19 has been a very serious Pandemic and we have been given strict guidelines of how to operate our car boot sales. Every single one of you must abide by the guidelines, there are no exceptions. If you don’t want to abide by the guidelines then please do not visit our car boot sales.

The following guidelines will be in operation across our sites when we re-open our car boot sales on 18 June 2020.

  1. Face masks must be worn by everyone. You can purchase one on entry.
  2. The 2 metre rule to be adhered to as much as possible.
  3. A one way system will be in operation on the sale site. Please follow the one way signs.
  4. Buyers are not allowed on the sale site until notified by the management or a marshal. You will form an orderly queue following the 2 metre rule.
  5. Sanitiser stations will be readily available throughout the sale, please use them.
  6. When you visit our car boot sales, we ask that you show respect to our marshals and management & toilet attendants. Anyone who does not show respect (abiding by our guidelines and our signs) will be asked to leave.

Remember marshals are here to help!

Please carry hand sanitiser with you and obey the 2 metre rule as much as possible.
You, as a seller or trader or car booter, MUST clean up around your stall and car after trading and put all rubbish in the skip at the bottom of the field, if you need help, just ask a marshal. Video monitoring will be in operation at the sale and anyone found to be leaving rubbish will be barred from all of our car boot sales and your information may be passed on to other car boot organisers.

NOTE: Market Promotions Limited reserve the right to refuse anyone entrance to our car boot sales.